The Full Bucket Line

The Full Bucket Line
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This page describes the installation procedure of the Full Bucket Line version 3.02 which can be downloaded from the download section of this website.
If you have downloaded the Full Bucket Line from any other website than this, please refer to the included "readme.txt" for installation issues!

  • Requirements: All the six default routes have to be installed on your computer. Furthermore, you MUST HAVE INSTALLED the latest MSTS patch 1.2 - you can get it here:

  • Step 1: Unzip the ZIP file "" into your \Routes folder while KEEPING THE ORIGINAL FOLDER STRUCTURE ("Use Folder Names" has to be enabled)! This creates a new folder ("\FBLine3") with several subfolders.

  • Step 2: Run the batch file "install.bat" in the \ROUTES\FBLine3 folder (by double-clicking it in the Windows Explorer or by calling it from a DOS box). The batch file copies only the required shapes, textures, etc. into the \Routes\FBLine3 folder - thanks to Route Riter! Furthermore, 28 new consists are copied into your \Trains\Consists folder (see section "ACTIVITIES & CONSISTS" below).

  • At the first start of the "Full Bucket Line 3" route, MSTS generates the terrain buffers which may take a few minutes.

  • That's it.

Note 1: This version 3 of the Full Bucket Line can be installed safely in parallel (!) to the old versions 1 and 2. But don't mix up the folders...!

Note 2: Due to minor & major changes in the track layout, activities designed for previous Full Bucket Line versions 1 and 2 are not compatible with this version 3! Sorry, folks!

installation troubleshooting

If the installation procedure above does not work for some reason (hopefully this never happens!), do the following:

  • Step 1: Copy the \Shapes and \Textures subfolders of the six default route folders into the \FBLine3 folder; if possible, do not replace any FBLine3 files which are already in there!

  • Step 2: Find the file "microtex.ace" in the \USA2\TerrTex folder and copy it into the \FBLine3\TerrTex folder;

  • Step 3: Copy the files in the \FBLine3\Consists folder into your \Trains\Consists folder.

Unfortunately, if you follow this procedure, you cannot run the Full Bucket Line 3 in other seasons than "Summer"... who cares...

Still not working? Send me a mail, I will try to figure it out.

activities & consists:

Paul Watson, Gary Hoffman and I have designed 19 activities plus 1 introductory ride to make the route more attractive. There are 28 consists that are required by the activities - they will go into your \Trains\Consists folder (only default rolling stock is used).
Many people like to run custom engines and cars, so I have given those consists "generic" names; feel free to change them according to your own ideas!
Personally, I recommend to use the several FBL repaints e.g. those done by Teemu Vehkaoja, Shawn Kenselaar, Jim England and myself (downloads at