The Full Bucket Line

The Full Bucket Line
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Many thanks to...

  • Teemu Vehkaoja, Paul Watson, Gary Hoffman, Shawn Kenselaar, and Kevin Wilson-Smith

  • Eric Swenson for his track schematics

  • the people at North Eastern Railroad (NERR) for supporting the FBL

  • the members of Yonder Locomotive Works

  • all the helpful forum members at, and (your posts are real life-savers), and of course to Nels & Sebastian & the

  • Mike Simpson for his great Route Riter - good job!

  • Carlos A. M. Gomes for ConBuilder and Martin Wright for TGATool2

  • Columbus Locomotive Works for the Alco PA model and to Mike Clark and Loren Martell for the Alco PA pics

  • Kurt Kaminer

  • Ron Paludan

  • Gary Boardley

  • Bill Bzak (aka "LongHairedWizard")

  • John Tackett (aka "ATSFDUDE")

  • Peggy Belgard (aka "Darkest Rose")

  • Brude Bridges

  • Teemu Saukkonen (aka "Enocell")

  • John Chambers

  • William A. Barbur Jr. (aka "Smokewraith")

  • Okrasa Ghia

  • Gary Sprandel

  • Jim Ward (aka "sniper") and Scott Miller

  • Patrick Wise (aka "Hobart")

  • Rich Garber for his Activity Tutorial

  • anyone I have forgotten to mention...