The Full Bucket Line

The Full Bucket Line
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what's it?

The Full Bucket Line is a small fictional desert-style route for the Microsoft® Train Simulator with about 110 miles of tracks, many mainline stations, and several switching yards. Maximum speed is 79mph for passenger and 60mph for freight trains. Latest version is 3.02 / 3.03.

The route is arbitrarily placed in the US, but since it is purely fictional, it could be located at any other country/continent with an appropriate countryside (eg. Australia, South Africa, or Hessen/Germany).

Teemu Vehkaoja has designed a set of brand new, ATSF-like signals for the Full Bucket Line 3 (see map & signals). They may be incompatible with some of the available in-cab signals. If you have any questions etc. concerning the FBL signals, please contact him at .

Feel free to send me any feedback, comments and bug reports. And look at the "Full Bucket Line" forum hosted by the friendly people of the North Eastern Railroad (NERR)!

Thank you & greetings from Germany & enjoy!

Björn - the Bucketeer

what's new?

April 2007:

  • Due to popular request the Full Bucket Line Version 1 has been re-released - look for it in the download section...

    This is a limited-time offer to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the FBL!