The Full Bucket Line

The Full Bucket Line
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 even more v2...

third party screenshots of version 2 (2)

Many thanks to all the folks who submitted these shots!
Just click on the small image to see the big one.

Some of the shots are made using the fantastic "Sky! Conductor 2" freeware add-on from "how in the world?".

9 shots by Charles Stagg (using Sky! Conductor 2):
8 shots by Andrew 510 of ATSPW:
7 shots by Don Shriner:
30 (!) shots by Michael_nscale:
3 shots by Fred Weyermiller (using Sky! Conductor 2):
4 shots by Tim Kent (using Sky! Conductor 2): "Canadians invading the FBL!"
2 shots by Rob Eull: "Canadians invading the FBL!" (cont.)
1 shot by Gary Hoffman (using Sky! Conductor 2):
1 shot by Dan Rohrback: