The Full Bucket Line

The Full Bucket Line
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 version 2...


Here are some screenshots of version 2:

looking south at Lake Hurst Yard   the Lake Hurst
passing Olympia   from Yonder to Newton (close to Black Pump)
through the desert between Yonder and Newton   northbound train from Olympia to Lake Hurst

These shots are made using the fantastic "Sky! Conductor 2" freeware add-on from "how in the world?":

chilly FBL   snow at Hope's End
Winter in the mountains   leaving frozen Lake Hurst
commuter train coming from Olympia   at the Lake Hurst
leaving Lake Hurst   approaching Black Pump
arriving at Yonder   at Yonder
GP9 #24 at Mount Oliver   GP9 #24 at the Full Bucket Proving Ground